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We deliver quality, not just products.

We oversee your project from the planning stage right through to volume production. For this, we test and control every step in the operation carefully. To obtain the best quality for your products. Without risk to you. Our quality assurance measures:


Does the product satisfy your requirements? With the VDA 2 PPF process, we check to ensure that our components meet the desired properties and are ready for volume production. No product leaves our plant without our being able to guarantee optimum quality.


We use the International Material Data System to collect, classify, analyze and archive the materials we use. This ensures that we meet our obligation to comply with international standards, legislation and regulations.


We use statistical process control to monitor and improve production steps and service provision continuously and to achieve the
optimum in all areas.

Zero-defect strategy

We vector out all factors that could lead to faults in production and planning – to make operations even more efficient.

8D report

We remedy the fundamental problem systematically. All process steps required to remedy the complaint are documented.

Dimensional precision

We have appropriate measuring tools for the visual and tactile measurement of individual components. For all other measuring processes, we have been working closely with ext ernal partners for many years.